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Being passionate about food has its ups and downs. I get to eat a lot of lovely food and think about it and write about it. But as with any passion, I can be infuriated as well as uplifted. It ENRAGES me when food is messed with, misused or misrepresented. 

Anyone working in the mail room of the nearest Canadian Consulate will know that I am talking about Tim Horton's "Real Fruit Smoothie (TM)". Pah. Slush, sugar and syrup, masquerading specifically as fruit. Real fruit. Ask the staff - there is absolutely no fruit in it. Even the fruit-flavoured syrup they use is flown in from their HQ. Just to remove any vestige of freshness from the drink, presumably. I must give Tim Horton's credit for their truly excellent sour cream donut balls - but go there with a hankering for fresh fruit and you'll end up like me - a tad frustrated.

So yes, there's a dark side to this blog. But as I stormed away from Tim Horton's at Muscat Grand Mall in disgust, my fruit craving still unsatisfied, I found Fruitesca. Now these guys do fruit properly. See, it's very simple - you get good fruit, you juice it, you sell it. The team at Fruitesca also seem to be passionate about their product. There's a big menu with lots of combos, or you can just ask for something custom-made like I did ("Can you please make me something quite citrussy but with a bit less zing than a full-on lemon and lime?").

Next time I'll try their freshly-made crepes. Retail detail: if I owned Fruitesca, I would have my staff make one of these every twenty minutes whether anyone ordered them or not - the smell of hot butter and batter wafting past the entrance of Carrefour invariably gets my appetite going, and appealing to the punters' sense of smell is a brilliant and cost-effective marketing technique.

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  1. i didn't know that they serve crepes as well! now i can't wait for weekends to try this one out. have you tried the Molten Chocolate Cake at Chili's? soooo heavenly....