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I fell in love with Oman pretty much the day I first got here, ten years ago, a spontaneous, irrational feeling of belonging that never left. Deciding to leave my life in England and move out here obviously required more logical applied thought, and so took some time. About as long as it took to write a list of Reasons To Live In Oman. Once complete, this list numbered one hundred and nineteen items, from the very important ("always sunny") to the seemingly trivial ("no need to buy plug adaptors"). 

One thing on the list is a bit embarrassing. But blogs are about sharing. You know how at the supermarkets here, you have to weigh your fruit? And you don't have to weigh the fresh herbs you get? I thought that that was because they are free. So item forty-three on the list is "free herbs". I don't know, I thought maybe supermarket bosses had calculated the labour costs involved in the time taken to weigh such an inexpensive item and deemed it unproductive. Or it was just further evidence of item seven on the list ("people here are nice").

So that's my first FatSu confession, and yes, I now pay for the herbs, but every time I do I blush a little bit.

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