Canadian Stampede

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It's the morning after Muscat's Canadian Stampede, my favourite party of the year, usually the last big outdoor event of the season and definitely the most fun. For a start, you're in jeans and a plaid shirt on a hay bale, rather than a stomach-pummeling gown in an overlit hotel lobby. Everyone is only there to enjoy themselves. And the food is good. The chilli con carne is really good; tasty, just hot enough, fresh and warming. We have really good chilli at home, but the Stampede Chilli is something I look forward to all year. Maybe it's improved by the feeling that you're saying goodbye to outdoor comfort food for another year as the weather starts to hot up. Or the cowboy appeal of mopping up the last of the chilli sauce under the stars as you perch between a Serbian Sheriff and a huge fake cowpat.

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