Taste of Thailand at Shangri-La

There are many foodies who prefer tiny bites of fabulous dishes to hunkering down to a huge portion of good food - the gourmets rather than the gourmands. Thai is one of those cuisines that normally appeals more to the former; you can eat a series of exquisitely scented, light dishes and get up from the table feeling satisfied, but not full. 

Last night Maurizio and I were invited to sample some of the Thai food currently on promotion at Shangri-La's newest restaurant, Asia, and I have to say we proved tradition wrong, and ate like absolute water buffaloes.

There were seven courses on the set menu, starting with a pretty little stuffed betel leaf, which sat there looking all innocent and tasty but had a chilli punch in among the fried shrimp and lime. Then came a gorgeous clear broth, Tom Yam Gung, which I would have tipped the bowl up for if Asia wasn't packed full of media personalities. 

The star of the show though was the rib dish in peanut sauce. Show me "slow-braised" on any menu and I'm there. The meat fell tantalisingly apart on the fork and the sweetness and thickness of the nutty curry was the perfect complement. So good I could have had a vat of it. After that we still had to check out the lobster and seabass dishes - the lobster one was sadly devoured before I had the chance to take a photo of it, but the rich red sauce pictured below is what it spent its last moments in. A good way to go.

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  1. Hey Suzdatsu (hmmm im considering)

    Great seeing you yesterday and wonderful blog, keep posting and lets see you around more often. I am going to wait on that Italian dinner but not for long. I do have your digits so watch out!!!


    1. Thanks so much lovely! I may have forgotten to tell Maurizio about that dinner...let's see each other again soon though, so nice to catch up on Wednesday. xx

    2. Oman Collective Intelligence...you'd better get marinating! :)