Mishakeek on the Sifah Road

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Food moments can happen at any time, at any place.

We got peckish on the way back from a day trip to Sifah, and detected the scent of deliciousness rounding a corner of mountain just before the village of Al Khairan.

Pulling over on the side of the road next to the source of the smell (smoke rising up from a makeshift barbeque), we met the family behind the venture, which is set up right outside their home. The father came over to greet us before getting back to stoking the wood fire that fueled the cooking, and had his son manage the transaction. I like buying from family businesses and especially those showing initiative - a smart move to have a food stand where there isn't another for miles this way or that. For 400 baisas we got one of the tastiest roadside snacks ever, smoky and juicy, with a tangy, herby sauce for dipping.

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