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Funny how a method of cooking can have cultural notions attached to it. I'm from England, and to us, a barbeque is an event. It takes place probably once a year, if you are lucky enough to hold one, or be invited to one, on the single unpredictably, miraculously sunny day of the summer months. And to barbeque must always mean to party. If you griddle food it's not always a party. Except in your mouth. Nobody would expect to be invited round for a frying. But if you mention to someone that you are barbequing, they'll certainly assume you're having a gathering.

Now being lucky enough to live in Oman, we barbeque in the garden three or four nights a week when it's cool enough, and these are just cosy dinners at home. Which means we've perfected fire-wrangling and sticky ribs, and often throw on some vegetables to have another day too - these charred peppers are in my top five all-time sandwich ingredients.

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